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A Perspective: Online Dating in Thailand

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  1. Dante says:

    Nice blog, just found you on Twitter. One thing I found made online dating in Thailand easier is that girls don’t feel the same stigma about it as westerners do, to them it’s just another ‘Facebook’ to upload pics of themselves to. They’ll make profiles on every site and mobile app just out of boredom and to show off their selfies, then write ‘I don’t play this app here’s my Line ID’. Many just want to learn English / are genuinely curious about foreigners, and write that too.

    But then other guys spoiled it by relentlessly spamming ‘do you wanna XXXX for 1k’ or dick pics to a new girl every 10 mins or however fast their free Thaifriendly account allowed them to. Lost count of how many girls told me they’d deleted their profiles because of that. So to make it work I feel like you have to meet a girl quickly before she gets disillusioned, and/or stick to paid sites like ThaiCupid.

    I ended up moving to Philippines where it’s a little easier

    1. Mikedam says:

      Yea I never realized how social media is like second nature here. Everyday at school the students are taking selfies. It’s turned into an addictive action for some tbh. While doing their classwork some students will just pop out their phone and take a quick selfie as if their feeding their addiction… can’t make this stuff up. I also agree a lot of people try to use money as a way to lure women here, money carries much more value in Thailand than the states though. In Thailand online dating is very common so it’s whoever’s job on those websites to weed out the wierdo’s. Thanks for you comment Dante!

  2. Ray says:

    Good post and I think you’re spot on.

    Online dating in Thailand is great as long as you don’t do anything dumb (like the guy sending 7,000 TBH to a chick online).

    You can meet lots of English speaking Thais, plus it gives you a more diverse dating pool than just hitting up the local bars / malls in search of dates.

    1. Mikedam says:

      Yea love will make you do some silly things.I also agree that the best Thai’s are the ones you meet outside of the cliche’ party life. Thanks for the comment Ray.

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