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Best Online TEFL: My TEFL Review

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  1. Ricky Chin says:

    Hi Mike, great article. Just wondering- did you personally take the mytelf course? ie. are you recommending based on personal experience that it’s been great?

    1. Mikedam says:

      Hey Rick, Thanks for taking the time to comment! Yea I took this course and recommend it to anyone who wants to become travel and make money as a teacher abroad. If you’re teaching English as a means to aid your traveling then I think this is one the best investments anyone could make toward their traveling future. The Tefl is your foot in the door.

  2. Britany says:

    Hi Mike I’m currently in my last year of University and really looking to go on a work abroad program. I don’t have any experience of teaching and at least want to spend a year or 2 teaching. Which TEFL would you recommend in-house or online?

    I live in the UK so how do I go about doing this? Or we emailed our certificates after the completion of the course?
    Also since I am in education is there an option to do a part time course?

    1. Mikedam says:

      Britany I always recommend donig a TEFL in-house if you can. The Online Tefl serves as a substitute to an otherwise unaffordable in-house option. Thats why if you enter FARANGDA on mytefl at checkout you’ll get a 35% discount as well. Now the obvious difference between an online and in-house is you’ll be working with real experienced pros as opposed to being a bit a lot more independent in your learning. With an in-house You’ll also get to meet a lot of fresh teachers like yourself who are getting into this for the first time. That experience in itself makes the whole idea worth it to me. Knowing the adventure you have ahead of yourself is pretty exciting to imagine. I recommend SEE TEFL if you’re going to do an in-house. SEE is one of the highest regarded TEFL courses in Thailand.

      If you opt for mytefl you will be mailed your certificate within 5 business day after completing the course. They claim in most cases to mail out certificates in 48 hours. Hope this helps and feel free to email me personally if you have any other questions about Thailand at or Here to help!

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