SEE TEFL Teacher Training

Course length: 4-weeks, 120-hours

Course Cost: $1495.00(save $200.00 by signing up 45-days in advance.)

Benefits: Observed teaching, real students in real schools, visa and job support.


If you really are serious about coming to Thailand to teach English(ESL). Then it’s imperative that you get a well recognized TEFL certificate. TEFL is an acronym for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This oh-so magical certificate is your ticket to landing great teaching positions in Thailand.

No TEFL… No problem?

You can still get a job without a TEFL certificate, given that you have a bachelor’s degree. With that being said, you may still find that the best jobs, in the best locations, are only looking for people with BOTH qualifications.Language schools are less likely to get you a work permit(which can be a nightmare)compared to government schools where they’re starting to get strict about you having a TEFL qualification.

My Personal Situation

Now don’t get me wrong, when I first came to Thailand I was replacing someone who just quit because(coincidentally) he just finished his TEFL and found a better job. My contract was only 6-months and I had no plans of getting a TEFL for that short period…

After I decided to continue staying in Thailand. I found it very hard to find a job that would pay me above the average wage, regardless of my experience… In fact most companies that did reply to me, asked for a copy of my university degree and TEFL certificate. I realized then, the best thing I could do(and afford) was sign-up for an online TEFL Course. I thought, “It’s the certificate I want, not the actual experience.” Still to this day I regret doing an online course. It was cheap but Goddd was it boring. Massive articles and assignments that eventually became overwhelming leading me to leaving the course. Too much reading and writing and not enough actual real-life training. It’s like reading a book on how to be the best at something but never actually putting any of the theory to practice.

It cost me $300.00 to learn that the cheaper way isn’t always the best way…I wish I’d found these guys earlier.

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Why I choose SEE TEFL

SEE TEFL Licensing and Certification

SEE TEFL is as legit as it gets guys. Based in Chiang Mai(North Thailand),they are the most thorough TEFL company in Thailand. These guys have vast experience in training and finding jobs for teachers as well as knowing the TEFL industry inside and out.

They are accredited by the Thai Ministry of Education, which is huge for getting a work-permit. That’s not even close to the best part as they are also globally recognized. So if you ever decide you want to live in another country it’s good to know your TEFL is valid all over the world! There ISO 9001:208 certification ensures this.

Their course consist of a 120-hour TEFL course. Class sizes are limited to 18 students. A good thing about courses like this is you’ll have other like-minded individuals, who are only the beginning of many friendships you’ll have living abroad. I’ve actually met people who met through training courses like these and went on to have happy relationships in Thailand. I’m not saying you’ll meet the love of your life through this course but I’m not saying you wont…Click here to visit SEE TEFL

SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Real Life Training

If being prepared is important to you then you’ll like hearing that more than half(61-hours) of the course is observed teaching, with real Thai students at real Thai schools at various age levels. They basically create an environment for you to arrive, grow and thrive in over the course of 4 weeks. I can’t emphasize how invaluable that part will be to your teaching success. If your stubborn like I was, then you probably think you can just go read  material online(google) and watch videos(Youtube) about teaching… Nothing will ever prepare you for that real life, face to face interaction with Thai students unless you’ve experienced it already.

Walking into the classroom blindly is one thing but to have no cultural awareness is painstakingly unacceptable. SEE TEFL dedicates a day to teaching you about Thai culture. Making you aware of certain things that you wouldn’t otherwise know, for example…Touching someone on the head(Don’t do it!).

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Thai Survival Training

The list goes on and on… After all this you will be given 10-hours of a Thai language survival course. It’ll not only be fun to learn a new language, but extremely beneficial to your future in the country. Once you walk out of that classroom and need to interact with the local Thai people you’ll see how beneficial it really is. A lot of Thai people have extremely poor English skills and a lot of foreigners have extremely poor Thai skills. This makes communication an obstacle. If you learn how to ask simple survival questions and can understand responses you will do great and feel awesome.

TEFL in Thailand

Plan Ahead and Save Money

SEE TEFL being the thorough company they are offer you a $200.00 early bird sign-up discount. You can essentially save $200.00 if you sign up 45-days in advance. All you got to do is know you want to take their course a month and a half in advance. Believe me when I tell you that $200.00 goes a long way in Thailand. I can spend $200.00 in 1-2 days in the U.S. In Thailand, $200.00 can last me at least 1-2 weeks!


As for housing, if you prefer for them to find a reservation for you then they can. It is 100% optional though, so if you think you can find something on your own then your more then welcomed to.

Guaranteed job, airport pick-up, life long friends and connections

Finally after you finish the course you are GUARANTEED A JOB! They assure you that they’ll be able to find you a job after you finish their course. There is a lot of security in knowing that part is taken care of. Sometimes looking for a job can be a full-time job itself!

From meeting you at the airport, sheltering you if needed, giving you 24/7 support, free-wifi (at the training center), on going job and living support(even after you finish the course), tips on opening bank accounts and for me the most important part…

Making life-long friends and connections because for me… life is about having an experience and sharing it with others.

Thai Temples and Buddha Statues

Fees and dates:SEE TEFL fees and dates

Also check out their FAQ’s Page too, I can personally co-sign that their information is 100% spot on:SEE TEFL FAQ’s


SEE TEFL is ran by John Quinn, an experienced professional. John is a very cool Englishmen and has been a teacher himself since 1999. He has taught in language schools, colleges, universities and the British Council. He is the Academic Manager of EFL Learning Center and Senior Trainer for SEE’s TEFL certification program. In addition, he’s been a language examiner for The University of Cambridge’s ESOL examinations since 2004. Talk about experience eh?

So if your reading this and still not sure if the TEFL is for you than that’s OK but I believe this TEFL is worth every penny. I recommend SEE because they have the most well rounded program.

I’ve lived in Thailand for some time now and have heard of circus operations for TEFL companies.

Chiang Mai TEFL volunteer

(SEE TEFL Teacher Training)

The Choice is yours!

I can only give you so much advice. It’s really up to you to take it or leave it. I would never want anyone to end up with a company that does nothing for their development. TEFL’s are not cheap(unless you do it online)! The best thing you can do is head over to their website and check it out for yourself.

If you found this review helpful please like and share with someone this could help.  If you have any questions about anything just shoot me an E-mail at As always, happy to help if I can.