My name is Mike and I’m the creator of Farangdam. I’m a 27 year old African-American male living and working in Thailand as a blogging teacher(creative writing now… long story…) at a prestigious high school. I have lived in Thailand for 4+ years now and have traveled quite a bit making friends from various parts of the world.

From a very young age I’ve always wanted to travel, I just couldn’t find the time or money to leave the USA. Then I heard a scary statistic that 60%-70% of Americans that don’t leave the country before they graduate ultimately never do leave the US.

After I finished my degree at Temple University in Philadelphia my mind was made up that I would be leaving for a country(that’s as far as I got) but just wasn’t sure which country it’d be. Finally after months of research, I was booked on South Korea and had everything in order to go. It wasn’t until one of my best friends, who happen to be Thai told me that I wouldn’t enjoy Korea as much as I would Thailand.He seemed pretty certain that I was making a big mistake.

Well, long story short, he convinced me to choose Thailand. Knowing that he had people already there that could help me settle in made Thailand an easy choice. So, off I went and it’s been 4+ years since! I am now sharing my experiences and hoping to show other people that Thailand can be a great place to travel to. It’s been a life changing experience. I can honestly say being on the other side of the world has  really broadened my horizon.

What does Farangdam mean?

In Thailand they call most westerners ‘farang’ which means foreigner in English, this term is often applied to people who have white skin and western features(round eyes). ‘Dam’ in Thai means black. So essentially the term ‘farangdam’ means black foreigner. Cool huh?

What is Farangdam about?

The plan was to develop a community/resource for black people interested in traveling to Thailand. Before I came to Thailand I did a whole lot of research. I searched and I searched and I searched but to no avail could I find a website that would speak specifically about the black experience in Thailand. Sure…There were some websites and forums discussing it.Some of it was positive and most of it was negative. I wanted to set up a resource of ideas and information. This website isn’t merely about one persons life. It’s for anyone who is interested in traveling to Thailand or already living there. The way I see it is, united we stand, divided we fall.

We are here for you!

It’s an amazing thing to find yourself  in another country, but it’s an eye opening experience to be the only one of your kind in a 50-mile radius. There is a lot of black people all over Thailand who are here living and working, mainly in Bangkok.

The community is here for you! We want to help you enjoy your time in Thailand. It doesn’t matter if your white, black, Asian or any other ethnicity. This website is a resource for anyone who may find it’s information useful.This website is about Thailand through the eyes of people of color.

As with any type of due-diligent research, you should check all the angles to develop a well rounded opinion. What I found in my research was that a lot of the websites were centered around the ‘white’ experience. There’s plenty of people who want to travel to Thailand but the fear of rejection and disappointment stops them from having a life changing experience.

Always want to hear from you!

You can contact me anytime about anything and I will be glad to help you. Any questions you have about traveling to Thailand, Thai food, Thai culture, Thai language and anything else you can think of. I always love to hear from people who want travel but are not sure what to expect and in need of some encouragement.

With that being said,  I hope to hear from you all you interested in traveling to Thailand as well as those of you already here!

Thank you and looking forward to building a strong community with you all,


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