So your good to start Packing for Thailand!(or not)

As I’ve said before Thailand is a very affordable country given you can make at least 30,000 baht a month($1000usd). Your cost of living in Thailand will really depend on your personal preferences. Some people are fine with a 28m studio apartment while others prefer a 48m one-bedroom.  Some people are just fine with eating at local restaurants while others may prefer western meals. Here is my 2 cents…


At my local restaurant it cost me 40 baht to get some chicken-fried rice. Then I walk over to 7/11 and buy two bottles of water for 14 baht. After all this I usually treat myself to a snickers candy bar at 20 baht. All together I spend about 74 baht. Using my trusty XE currency app. 74 baht =$2.27. Now if your a bit more conservative in your water drinking and prefer just one while also opting to buy local made treats instead of imported ones you’d be spending less. Snickers is expensive because its imported but if you buy a local made chocolate bar it would only cost about 5 baht=$.15.

Now compared to a western meal. Say I wanted to eat some nice Arab food on Sukumvit. If I order a lamb kebab meal that will cost about 230-320 baht($7-$10) and a bottle of water will go for a bit more(15-20 baht per bottle). Finally, I cant eat all this meat and veggies with no nan! So add about 1-2 pieces of the oven-baked bread for an extra 50 baht($1.50). In total you’d have spent about 295 baht to 390 baht($9.10-$12.15).

So as you can see it’s still a bit cheaper than some places back home but drastically different compared to eating local and western.


When first arriving to Thailand its not a bad idea to opt for the basic 28m studio apartment. It’s the cheapest size room you can live in and if your new to Thailand then you probably wont be home too much anyway. On the outskirts of Bangkok you can expecting to spend anywhere from 4500 baht($138) to  6500 baht($200) per month( water & electric included).

In Bangkok the price shoots up from 6500 baht to 10000 baht($300) per month for the very same sized room.

Electricity is recorded in units, I pay 7 baht per unit. An average electric bill should be between 700-1600 baht($21-$49) per month. While water seems to be a flat rate of 130baht($4).

Some apartments keep seasonal promotions that are great if you want to upgrade to a bigger room while only paying a little bit extra.


On your teaching salary you should be able to enjoy weekends out but the money can quickly add up. I won’t get too into this because I really don’t go out that often. I think a safe gaurd for a night out with a group of 4-5 would be about 2000 baht($60). That’s enough to enjoy a few drinks, chip in for taxis and if at the end of the night everyone splits up you’ll still have enough cash to take a taxi home by yourself.

Beers cost about 70-130 baht ($2-$4)per bottle and this all depends on the establishment your choosing. If your not a beer person and prefer mix drinks then you can expect to pay about 200 baht(6$) per glass.

Some nightclubs require a cover charge of 300-500 baht($9-$15) and some even 1000 baht($30) cover charge!

Money Money Money!!!

Teaching English: 30,000 baht- 50,000 baht

This is based on you not having a degree in education or past experience in your native country. 3ok per month is pretty standard. For more info about teaching English please visit the Teaching ESL page.

Jobs outside Teaching

If you are really great at something that required raw talent then you can easily find work as a professional in Thailand. I know people who have taught English and gone on to recruiting teachers. Once you step outside of the teacher profession the wages should increase in most cases.

In Thailand your employer must pay you at least 55k per month to qualify you for a work permit. There is, of course, an exception for teachers.

Ebay,Amazon and Etsy

I have had huge success with ebay over the past 6 months. It’s a great way to make side cash to supplement your lifestyle. It does take time to build up trust being a seller from Thailand. It took me about 6 months to get my first sale! After some time of building my seller rating I now usually sell most of the items I list. If you can find something that you think people will find valuable and worth buying from Thailand then you could make some nice cash outside of teaching. It is fun to find your own product, market it and sell it but there is more to it. You do have to do a bit of customer service control when packages don’t arrive or if they want a refund. Also you’ll have to do a bit of some back and forth traveling from the post office to ship deliveries. This can feel like a task if you just worked an 8 hour shift!

Online Marketing

The concept to online marketing is pretty simple and fun. Me personally,I love online marketing because it’s a passive income. You do have to put in a load of work in the beginning but once everything is set up, you can just sit back and watch the money come in.