Working while you travel can…

Help you defray your travel and food bills. Give you extra cash for buying things such as gifts and clothing.

However, you need to check out what you can do legally in a country you are visiting, as this isn’t Kansas.

But, aside from that, it can be fun and you get to meet people in a way that no tour can offer and here are 11 ways you can supplement your income while traveling abroad. A little prior planning before you leave can net you a barrel of cash at your destination.

Be a teacher

Being a teacher abroad is easier than you might think. Spending some prep time before going abroad can pay big dividends as you travel. Teaching isn’t for everyone as sometimes is the case but there are plenty of people who used teaching English as a tool for traveling and continue till this day to call it their profession.

There are loads of programs offering online and in-house offering TEFL courses. If you want job certainty then sign up for a course before going aboard. You can actually have a job waiting for you when you arrive in the country you’re planning to tour. If your struck for cash then check out mytefl. If you use the promo code “FARANGDA” you will get a 35% discount. This is deal is good for life so do well to take advantage of it.

With a job you can  have an apartment and spending money while in the host country along with getting to meet people who want to learn about your language and culture.

But even if you don’t become a teacher, many times when you become acquainted with the locals that will eventually tell you about their desire to learn English. Give em some free lessons 😉

You can make expense money for a few days in just an afternoon. Plus you make valuable contacts in the process. This could be immense for you.

Be a writer

Most people carry a laptop or a tablet when they travel. You can use this to make cash by starting up a writer’s account and a PayPal account linked to your debit card. Check out Hirewriters. They only employ native English speakers and will pay you directly to Paypal.

Many sites want content writers. So writing in your spare time can earn you spending money while traveling the world. It’s perfect supplement for your monthly income.

You might even change your lifestyle, become a nomad, and live off your earnings after a while permanently.

Start Drop-Shipping Now

You often see business opportunities. Products, foods, and clothing Import and export possibilities are endless. With that being said, stay well away from controlled substances, as either an importer or an exporter. The jails are filled abroad with those who thought to make a quick buck with drugs. Many countries have the death penalty and Uncle Sam is often powerless to help.

But, if you find fashion, shoes and jewelry that you like the chances are people at home will like them too.

An Amazon or EBay Virtual Storefront and a cell camera are all you need. You accept orders via your smartphone from a catalog you upload to your “Store.” You purchase the item send it from an overnight shipping company and pocket the profits.

Many a college student does this and makes windfall profits.

For many years people have been misinformed about drop-shipping. Drop Ship Lifestyle changed my life and I think you can benefit from it them too.

Become an Ai-E

If you are female, the opportunities to be a live-in nanny are endless. Many Asian families are looking to hire Native English speakers to take care of their children.

You get to live in a nice house and have a room of your own along with spending cash.

You are expected to mind the kids and do some cleaning and cooking chores as well.

But you get to see a country from the inside and immerse yourself in a culture.

Become a tutor

Being a roving tutor can make you spending cash as well. Many of the larger cities and towns have libraries and you can sell your time as a tutor.

As mentioned earlier, many people will come up and ask you to teach their children.

This can develop into a full-time job if you let it.

But you will have cash and meet people who are movers and shakers in a culture.

Affiliate Marketing

A bit more of an art in terms of making money online but the idea here is that you create your own blog about anything you want really. Build your web presence, your audience and refer products & services to your readers. If they click and buy then you get paid. I’ve met people who make well over $10,000 usd a month from affiliate marketing. They live life on their own terms to say the least… Affiliate marketing can either supplement your income or become your full-time job. Although, as with anything in business it cost money to make money. So if you’re looking for fast success then start setting up those google ads.


Be a Middleman

Businesses abroad need native speakers to make connections. This is an ideal way to make connections between two countries and move imports/exports between countries.

You only need to make the connections between buyer and seller.

You collect a fee and you are on your way.

Be a Translator

Use you language skills and your word processor to translate documents to and from your language and your host country.

This could range from web pages, sales materials, and other documents. All you need is a Laptop, Internet/WIFI, and Bing Translator.

With these things, you can put out your shingle.

Be Proofreader

Many Academians want to publish works in English. Colleges often farm out the work. You can read the book in your native language and with your innate abilities know where the text is in error.

Make notes in the margins and offer corrections and you can pocket some extra spending money.

Be Photographic model

People always want to have their picture taken with a foreign visitor. Some travel agencies use this as a way to promote their businesses. Others use it as a step to start their immigration plans into motion.

So, why not cash in on you ethnicity and make some spending money on the side.

Businesses like to splash a foreign face on their products as well. I was once offered a small extras role in a Korean movie. The job paid 2000 baht everyday and didn’t require much from me besides existing.

If you like this idea thi can turn into a modeling career as other firms want you to wear their clothing, be at openings of stores, and realtors like to sprinkle in foreign faces when they are trying to sell high priced housing developments.

All of these can make you money for your time abroad.

However, people be careful. Find a model group in Thailand by simply browsing on facebook. Learn the ins and outs so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Final words

Be careful working while traveling.

Being wary does not mean you can’t make some cash and have a good time while doing it.

Travel is fun. It is even better if you can be paid while you are doing it.

Travel, work, and play strikes the best balance and is the perfect solution to today’s crazy mixed up world.