Thai people are one of the most laid back people in the world. This makes Thailand a great country to visit. About a year and half ago I met a brother from New York. His name was Dujaun and he was telling me how he was suppose to be in Thailand for only 4-months but ended up staying for 4-years! That’s really the story for a lot of people as well. I already told you my story which is along the same lines. See, it all starts with…

The Amazing Thai Food

The food in Thailand is from a land of no other. A supreme clash of sweet, sour and spicy makes this food delicious. That’s not only it though. Most of the food in Thai restaraunts are very cheap. A simple bowl of chicken and noodles can cost you about 30-40 baht(just about or a little over $1usd). Thailand has had huge influence from countries like India and China and it shows in their food. Being of Jamaican decent I personally have a huge appreciation for green and yellow curry chicken. On the Islands I’ve noticed most restauraunts use coconut milk in these dishes making for a smooth taste.

Island life

Visiting the Islands are one of the best parts of traveling Thailand. Thailand has loads of islands you can visit. The relaxing atmosphere on the beach is second to none. Depending on where you stay in Thailand will dictate how far you have to travel to the beach. If you happen to live in or around Bangkok then the closest island would probably be Koh Larn that’s about 2-hours away.

No matter what Island you stay at you will have a great experience. Of course this is only if you don’t walk into any tourist traps. I will talk more about that on the Scamproof your lifestyle page.

Types hotels on the Island vary from bungalows to apartment style rooms. The prices can vary from $20usd a night to over $100usd. This of course all depends on how much money you are comfortable spending. Obviously if you spend more money you can expect more quality but at the same time if your an easy going traveler trying to save some money you can finance a local-like lifestyle.

The sea food on most islands is out of this world(don’t think aliens)! The sea food on all islands are so fresh! It’s as if the moment after you ordered a fisherman got in his boat, sailed into the waters, caught your order, brought it back and had it professionally prepared for your dining. Nothing beats the sound of waves splashing against the sandy shores while offering a soft-soothing breeze while enjoying a nice Thai dish. People from all over the world travel to Thailand just to visit islands like Phuket,Koh Phangnon,Koh samet,Koh larn, Koh Samui and Krabi. Which brings me to my next point…

International Community

There is a huge international community in Thailand. I would say that most of the foreigners in Thailand stay in Bangkok but there are still a lot of people living all over the country. In the work place you will probably have a couple foreign co-workers. High touristy areas like Khao Saun road have a massive foreign community(mostly tourist). If your not big on  the tourist scene there are always more quiet places where you can go like Isaan.

Besides the islands once you get outside of Bangkok everything becomes a lot cheaper.

Cost of living

This should be a section on it’s own but to apply it here I’d like to talk about some aspects of the cost of living in Thailand.

Most of the essentials(water,food and shelter) you’ll need in Thailand will cost a lot less than it would in America. A good example would be bottled water. A bottle of water at 7-11 in America cost about $1.99 while a bottle of water at my local 7-11 only cost 7 baht(.22 cents).

Clothing is relatively cheap as well if you know where to look. There are loads of day markets and street shops posted up for you to shop. I’ve found quality slim fit dress shirts for as cheap as $6usd. Unless your shopping clearance at the mall you can’t come close these type of prices.

Shoes are also a fraction of the price but from my experience are limited in size. Thai people aren’t known for having the biggest feet so it’s not easy to find a shoe size bigger than 10.5(US). For anything bigger than 10.5 you’ll have to go to the mall where prices are actually a bit more expensive than buying it back home.


I have a 35-square meter apartment that cost me about $250usd a month. I live with my girlfriend and it’s more than enough space for the both of us. My room came with a king sized bed as well as a mini-dining table/ kitchen area. I have an awesome sliding door closet with a lot of space. I also have a sofa chair in my room that still till this day I’ve yet to sit on… Finally I have a reasonably sized bathroom and shower. I use to pay $200usd for my old 28-square meter apartment but I decided it was time for an upgrade and I’m really enjoying the extra space.

Depending on size apartments in Bangkok can cost anywhere from 8,000 baht to well over 40,000 baht per month (depending on location). If you go outside Bangkok the prices drop significantly. My apartment in Rangsit would probably cost about 12,000 to 20,000 baht a month in busy Bangkok areas(maybe more!). I think if you really do some searching around you can definitely find a place that perfectly meets your cost and quality expectations.

The Experience

The experience is second to none. Hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to click “confirm order” when I was buying plane tickets. Life in Thailand is so different from back home. In Thailand there is always a lot going on. Loads of food vendors, people selling stuff and restaurants. Thailand has this sort of over-crowded in your face atmosphere. There is just always something going on in Thailand.

You will meet people from all over the world and make long life-lasting friendships. I have met people from all over the world and you know to be honest the coolest internationals I’ve ever met are from Canada.

oodles and oodles of culture

In Thailand you will learn about their culture and society. There are a lot things you will see like huge Buddha statues and Buddhist temples. Monks dressed in traditional monk attire walking the streets while the local Thai’s get on their knees before them to receive blessings.

Being an English speaking foreigner in a country that English isn’t the first language is cool too not to mention if your black. Since most Thais would like to improve their English skills they will try to talk to you and ask you questions.

you never know who you’ll meet

When I use to work at a language school I taught a couple, husband and wife, both of whom were lawyers working for the Thai government. They were probably one of my favorite students ever. They actually wanted to learn English so they would listen a lot and ask me to check them on pronunciation. After our class they would invite me out to dinner were they introduced me to an array of new foods I’ve never had. If you do make Thai friends while living here it will make your time in this country so much more enjoyable to say the least.


Cheap beer, cheap food and cheap thrills. Just one of the many reasons I say Thailand is must visit if your traveling in Asia. There’s just something about the atmosphere here that makes it very easy to fall in love with this country. It’s not for everyone though but that’s normal. Bangkok certainly has a type of tempo where something is always going on.

In closing, I think Thailand is the place to be if your traveling in Asia. Your money will go a lot farther here.